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Our Process

Since we founded in 2014, we been a trusted and reliable provider of bespoke furniture. Our workshop in Eskbank, Dalkeith is fully equipped to handle any design-and-make project, no matter how complex. We're known for our contemporary and classic styles, as well as our use of first-class materials like oak, walnut, cherry. Our team has specialist skills in hand made furniture, kitchens and wardrobes making us the perfect choice for private homes, contract spaces, bars, and restaurants. Whatever your needs may be, we can provide a range of wood finishes including lacquers, oils, and stains as well as spray paint finishes. Trust us for quality you can depend on. Take your pick from media units, wardrobes and bookcases - it's in your hands all tailor made specificaly to your needs. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with your stylish, new furniture purchase today! Click here now and start building your dream setups.

What to expect working with us:


We're huge believers in the power of collaboration. The more fluid our communications, the more powerfully we can achieve your goals. To deliver this outcome, our process has five stages:


  • Finalizing design

Once we've agreed on which design version to proceed with we will finetune to the last detail and send you our online quotation.

  • Contract and Deposit

Once you are happy to proceed you only need to accept the online quotation and our system automaticaly send you the deposit invoice and create your card in our workflow. To make your financial life easier with our hassle-free payment options and we accept major debit and credit cards without a hiccup.

  • Final measurement

Once we received your order we will arrange a final measurement visit with Zoltan. On this in-person appointment the handle,and paint color needs to be finalized.

  • Delivery & Installation

Once the project is placed into manufacturing we will reconfirm delivery and installation date. The crew will work 6-8 hours on site for 1-5 days depending on project size.

  • Feedback & Final invoice

Once the project is completed we will issue the final invoice and hope to get your feedback.

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